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Notary Public Oxford offers Notary services to clients in Oxford and the surrounding areas.

Appointments are available either at my office or at your home or office at a time to suit you.

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Services are offered to clients in Oxford and throughout the neighbouring districts.

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What does a Notary Public do?

A Notary Public is a specialist lawyer who can witness or certify documents for use in foreign countries. By virtue of the Notaries signature and official seal, authorities in other countries will be assured that the relevant checks have been carried out.

As an example, when buying a property abroad you may need to give your overseas lawyer power to deal with the purchase. A Notary Public can watch you sign a Power of Attorney and then notarise this document to ensure that it is accepted in the country involved.

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Notary Services for Businesses

We can provide the following services for businesses:

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Notary Services for Individuals

We can provide the following services for individuals:

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What is Apostille or Legalisation?

A notarised document may often need to be further authenticated by having the U.K. Foreign and Commonwealth Office confirm the validity of the notary's signature and seal. The requirement for this will depend on the foreign country involved. This is done by legalisation by the use of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office's official certificate attached to the document, known as an apostille. These are internationally recognised due to the Hague Convention.

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Identification required when seeing a Notary Public

To comply with money laundering regulations a Notary must confirm your identity. When attending an appointment with a Notary each person signing the document must provide at least one of the following:

You must also provide proof of your address by one of the following:

If you are acting on behalf of a Corporation you must provide evidence of the due incorporation of the company. This can be one of the following documents:

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Notarisation of Qualifications

Large numbers of certificates are often required to be notarised when applying for jobs or any positions abroad. We can have these notarised quickly and efficiently upon the production of the originals. If originals are not available please do call us to see if there is an alternative.

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How much does it cost for documents to be notarised?

The cost will depend on the number of documents to be notarised. To obtain a quote please contact us with the following information:

Please visit the contact us page to obtain a quotation.

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